Facebook Pronounces Itself ‘Dead’? Israelis Ridicule Rebrand

“Meta,” Zuckerberg’s new name for the company, sounds exactly like the Hebrew word for “dead”

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Facebook
Facebook mocked by Israelis over rebrand to Meta
Photo: Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

Facebook’s rebranding to “Meta” was mocked by many. But it faced a special degree of ridicule in Israel. Here in the Holy Land, the new name suggests this might be the social media giant’s ignominious end.

“Meta” sounds exactly like the Hebrew word for “dead” – meta (מתה).

ZAKA is the Israeli emergency medical service that collects the deceased. It jokingly tweeted in response to Facebook’s announcement: “Dont’ worry, we’re on it.”

The Hebrew hashtag פייסבוק_מתה accompanied the post. It’s pronounced Facebook_Meta, and in Hebrew means literally “Facebook Dead.”

Facebook (sorry, Meta) CEO Mark Zuckerberg is as everyone knows Jewish. Perhaps he should have known better?

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