Hebrew: In Line for Deconstruction Oren Fixler/Flash90

Hebrew: In Line for Deconstruction

Feminism run amok takes aim at the gender-based biblical tongue, and therefore at Judaism itself


Attempts to meddle with and deconstruct the gender-based Hebrew language have been going on for quite some time now, and recently received a boost thanks to Michal Shumer, a graphics designer who took it upon herself to create a new multi-gender Hebrew alphabet.

The following picture is an example of this new alphabet that, in a real sense, breaks the limbs of the Hebrew alphabet in order for it to fit the LGB agenda. Since words in Hebrew are gender based, the fonts are designed as to include both sexes in the same noun, verb or pronoun. The above sign reads, “All the menwomen are equal. Who is he to decide (here is a mismatch between 3rd person ‘he’ to 3rd person feminine form of ‘decide’) for me who I am.”

Oh, and my omission of the T (transgender) and Q (queers) from the usual LGBTQ acronym signifies that progressive as this alphabet claims to be, it fails to consider the continued radicalization of what started as the LGB drive for equality. It won’t be long...


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