MembersThe Language of the Hebrew Man

Has Israel been reborn only to dismantle Hebrew, the holy tongue that undergirds the Jewish people?

Hebrew text of the Bible
How important is Hebrew not only to the history, but to the future of the Jewish nation? Photo: Noam Revkin Fenton/Flash90

If some of my readers are wondering why I am so preoccupied with post-modernism–which has spawned so many other things that now are marking the differences between Left and Right, Democrats and Republicans, Conservatives and Progressives–the answer is alarmingly simple: post-modernism poses an existential threat to Jewish existence in general, and to Israel in particular.

Fighting against post-modernism, therefore, is a matter of self-defense. The problem, however, is not only the instinctively repulsive “big words” attached to the current dominant ideologies. It is also that post-modernism’s values–like equality, human rights, racism and all of that–are nothing but a bright shield protecting the nihilists and anarchists and antisemites that are hiding behind it.

At this point of time in history, post-modernism is a project of destruction, a necessary step before a new world can be built. This is what’s hiding behind another “big word” – deconstructionism. It’s a deliberate compound word – de-construction – that means exactly that, that destruction comes before construction, and that of a progressive dystopia. With this in...

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