MembersHezbollah Humiliated in Lebanon

Israel Today examines social media evidence and reactions related to Hezbollah’s standing in Lebanon after its recent attack on Israel

By Edy Cohen | | Topics: Hezbollah, Lebanon

The story begins when the terrorist organization took responsibility for missiles fired at the Israeli Golan Heights.

What happened after the shooting was something of a miracle. The terror squad that attacked Israel was discovered by Lebanese residents and arrested in a Druze village in southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah hoped that Israel’s response to their missiles would hit the Druze areas and thus Hezbollah would be seen to be protecting them. But the Hezbollah squad that fired on Israel was discovered, severely attacked, and its members humiliated as the entire incident was documented on social media.

In response to this revelation, Hezbollah took revenge on the Druze throughout Lebanon with severe violence. In the attached video, you can see for the first time the discovery of the missile launcher mounted on a blue truck belonging to Hezbollah:

In Arabic it says: “See how Hezbollah fires from our houses, watch the rocket launcher belonging to Hezbollah, take a picture.”

Hezbollah operatives were also arrested in the incident and at...

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