How Has Israel’s Rebirth Impacted Christianity? Israel Today

How Has Israel’s Rebirth Impacted Christianity?

What would Christianity look like without Israel? Did the rebirth of the Jewish state cause Christians to rethink their interpretations of the Bible?


A poll commissioned by Israel Today reveals that Israel’s resurgence has not necessarily improved relations between Jews and Christians.

Israel’s rebirth is like a mirror that when held up to the Christian world reflects their faith. The resurrection of Israel in its Promised Land represents an unprecedented challenge to the Church. For with the return of the Jewish nation to their biblical homeland, God’s will and His promise have been fulfilled, technically speaking.

This also proves that the Old Testament is not obsolete, as much of the Church has been preaching for millennia. Consequently, the Church has also interpreted much of the New Testament incorrectly. The Catholic Church has slowly come to realize this over the past few decades, and has gradually adjusted its political and spiritual stance regarding Israel.

One-third of the world’s population are Christians. Catholics make up the majority with 1.4 billion followers. Protestants number 600 million, and the Orthodox Church counts 250 million among its various incarnations. Just as in politics, the majority sets the tone.

It was a historic turning point when,...


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