MembersIdentity Crisis, or Win-Win Situation?

Without this fateful compromise between secular and religious Jews, the State of Israel would never have been born

By Aviel Schneider | | Topics: Orthodox Jews, Zionism, history
Israel's so-called identity crisis is what actually enabled the establishment of the state.
Photo: Yaakov Naumi/Flash90

Compromise is a part of everyday life, although it is often viewed as weakness. In negotiations, compromises are often made, otherwise you might miss out on a good deal. In the Bible, even God is willing to compromise. He allows you to negotiate. Does this mean that He is weak? No, quite the opposite.

During the founding of the state 73 years ago, a brother made a compromise with his other brothers. If he hadn’t done that, then there is a good chance that Israel would not exist today. But the Jewish state was founded. A happy ending after all the efforts of the Zionists. In the early years, however, nothing was certain, not even predictable. The Jewish people had to convince the other nations that they had a right, a biblical right to the land. Everything eventually worked out.

In this case, the British decided to give up their mandate in the Holy Land and hand the conflict over to the UN. So now the United Nations would have to solve the problem. At that time and just after...

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