IDF Soldier Executes Palestinian. What’s Missing From the Story?

Israeli Messianic soldier explains what’s missing from reports on last week’s execution of a terrorist by an IDF soldier

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All anyone can talk about (at least in Israel) is last week’s execution of a disarmed Palestinian terrorist by a young IDF officer.

The incident was filmed by pro-Palestinian activists who were “coincidently” on the scene, and led to a public uproar and the high-profile arrest and investigation of the soldier.

In the meantime, Israel’s top political leaders are busy appeasing the mainstream media by publicly condemning the soldier even before the investigation has concluded.

Israeli Messianic IDF soldier Hananya Naftali made the above video to address the issue.

As Naftali notes, he and all other IDF soldiers are bound by a strict code of ethics, and if the soldier in question is guilty of murder, he will be punished.

But, the media coverage seems to be turning several important facts on their head.

First, the Palestinian in question was not an innocent victim. He was a terrorist who only moments earlier had stabbed someone.

Second, a lone Israeli soldier shooting an unarmed terrorist is making headlines around the world, but the media almost never covers the plethora of examples of Israeli soldiers providing medical treatment to Palestinians, including terrorists.

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