MembersIllegal Cannabis Facilities in the Heart of IDF Firing Zones

Israel is too busy with politics, corona, real estate, the Palestinian conflict and other things. Some Bedouins take advantage of this vacuum

By Aviel Schneider | | Topics: Bedouin, Cannabis, Negev
Cannabis operation in the Negev
Photo: Aviel Schneider

It is the Bedouins, and not Israel, who are in charge of the Negev. This is not only claimed by the Bedouins. Even the Israeli authorities openly admit it.

In recent years, illegal cannabis growing operations have sprung up like mushrooms in the desert. And not just anywhere, but three meters underground, in the middle of IDF firing and training zones! These areas are closed to civilians during the week because of military maneuvers, but not to the desert inhabitants, who know every stone and wadi in the desert better than the Israeli soldiers. There is talk of numerous underground cannabis growing facilities and drug laboratories south of Beersheba.

In the past few weeks I have been sent a number of videos via Telegram showing these illegal facilities in the middle of Israel’s largest firing and training zone, called “Zeelim.” Black manhole covers in the middle of the desert indicate the location of the underground cannabis facilities. IDF paratroopers, who conduct practice jumps in this area weekly, don’t seem to notice.

”I have seen many of these manhole...

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