Independence Day Family Fun Time

by Christina Cohen

It can be a challenge to make sure we instill in our children the right values. I’ve got a solution!

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It’s Thursday morning and time to hit the shores of the Sea of Galilee just minutes from my home in Tiberius. As I turn off my alarm clock the first rays of sun come beaming through the window of my bedroom and I begin to contemplate the big week ahead of us.

Today is Israel’s Independence Day, which was preceded yesterday by Memorial Days services honoring the sacrifices our people made to turn this land from a dream into the living breathing nation we are all proud of. And just a month later, we will march up to Jerusalem for the celebration of Shavuot and the restoration of Jerusalem to the People of Israel. Our hearts and spirits are filled with joy and love for this wonderful country!

As a mother of three young children, I start my week as one who “knows her stuff,” and my schedule needs to be planned well in advance. I prepare breakfast, get my kids dressed and ready for school and preschool, send them off, clean the house and take a morning walk by the amazing view of the Sea of Galilee, breathing in the fresh and sweet breeze and having time to think.

Amazingly, having time to think always brings me back to my core. If I have enough time to think, my mind always wanders back to my life and family and to what really matters. What are those values and lessons we want our kids to grow with and remember for life?

And since we are celebrating the 73rd year of Israel’s independence this week, and Jerusalem in just a month, it’s only natural to think about how much of this do my kids really understand? Have I passed on to them a love for Israel, the land and the people? ‏When we hang up the flags and get the table ready and put on the fancy white cloths and turn on Israeli folk songs are my kids going to be happy just because of the tasty food and the fireworks, or are they going to have an idea of what a tremendous blessing it is to be living in the Promised Land that so many have dreamed about and fought for and yet we have the privilege to inherit?

My kids are 9, 6 and 3 years old, and you can’t give them a long history lesson. But there are so many ways we can encourage our kids to learn and care about Israel. They say boys will be boys and I say kids will be kids, so the best way to teach anything is always through a game! And I have just THE game for that!

Check out our “Family Playtime in Jerusalem” combo set >>

This series of Jerusalem-themed family boardgames is exactly what we need to keep learning fun and get our kids engaged and interested in knowing more about Israel and its unique capital city.

The Jerusalem Monopoly game will take you onto the streets and sites of Jerusalem, providing you with an outstanding opportunity to talk to your children about God’s favorite place on earth ????

From the Tower of David to the Western Wall, your kids will fall in love with the stories behind the game! You can have a quick game, or a long one, and enjoy quality time as a family while planting and rooting a love for Israel in your kids’ hearts. They will also catch some historical and scientific information that their peers might never get to be exposed to.

And if your family is anything like mine, fun family nights end with a nice movie we can all watch together. For us, after the plates are empty, the guests are gone, and the lights are off, it will be the perfect time to watch the one of a kind “I am Israel” movie by David Kiern.

This film is perfect for families as it takes you on an epic journey through the land of the Bible and follows the stories of fascinating Jewish men and women who are part of the rebirth of the nation of Israel. It’s filmed in High Definition and narrated by award-winning actor John Rhyse Davis. It’s guaranteed to astonish and excite the whole family while enjoying the time together!

You can find these amazing products on the Israel Today website. I’m on the run to make some more plans for our Israel Independence Day celebrations!

Be blessed
Christina Cohen

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