Iran hopes to consolidate its power EPA-EFE
Middle East

Iran Dreams of Establishing Its Own “NATO”

Amid mounting tensions with the US, France and Israel, the Islamic Republic looks to consolidate its power


Iran’s allies in the Middle East don’t always follow the directives coming out of Tehran. And that’s a problem in regards to its objective of regional hegemony and in light of Iran’s conflict with the West. Tehran looks to remedy the situation by redefining its relations with regional allies.

Iran is preparing a new defense and security pact that its Shiite allies in the Middle East are expected to sign. The new NATO-style agreement would enshrine the principle of collective response to any attack by Israel or the United States. And while experts note its similarities to the idea of NATO, this new pact is also based on the kinds of interests (including religious interests) that could never be part of a modern formalized Western alliance like the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

The Iranian parliament has been taking part in drafting the agreement, and is now busy gathering the signatures needed to pass the legislation. Chief among its terms are a commitment to protect all other members of the so-called “axis of resistance,” and the obligation...


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