Israel is at war – but with whom?

It’s time for it to finally sink in: The Palestinian Arabs and their supporters want to eliminate the State of Israel, and they want to kill every single Jew.

By Naomi Linder Kahn | | Topics: palestinians, Hamas
The graves of Israeli soldiers killed during Israel's war with Hamas, at Mout Herzl military cemetery in Jerusalem, Oct. 14, 2023. Photo by Yossi Zamir/Flash90.
The graves of Israeli soldiers killed during Israel's war with Hamas, at Mout Herzl military cemetery in Jerusalem, Oct. 14, 2023. Photo by Yossi Zamir/Flash90.

Some things should have been clear from the very outset, but deserve re-stating:

First: The name given by Hamas to their Oct.7 assault was “Al Aqsa Storm,” and this name speaks volumes. Their objective isn’t Gaza, the Jewish communities of the “Gaza envelope” or even Palestinian statehood. Their objective is Jerusalem and beyond, “from the river to the sea.”

It’s time for the meaning of those words to finally sink in: The Palestinian Arabs and their supporters want to eliminate the State of Israel, and they want to kill every single Jew—but these are two separate objectives. They will kill, torture and maim as many of us as they can, whenever they can, even if it has absolutely nothing to do with achieving the objective of statehood.

It’s worth noting that the purportedly “secular” Palestinian Authority begins each of its official communications with the words, “In the Name of Allah,” and actively supports both objectives—death to Jews and replacement of the State of Israel with an Islamic Arab entity.

Another thing that should be clear is that the distinction between Hamas, the PA, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, the Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine and all the other “factions” is an artificial and meaningless one that enables the United States, the European Union and “enlightened” countries around the world to play a deadly shell game.

There is no difference between these groups; They share objectives, support one another in every possible way, and are all—equally—dedicated to the destruction of the Jewish, democratic State of Israel. See PA leader Mahmoud Abbas’s immediate statement of support for Hamas, footage of Fatah militants taking part in the carnage and looting, and the PA’s commitment to send funds (need I remind you where those funds come from?) to support Hamas.

The unequivocal support of the PA for Hamas’s murderous attack should come as no surprise. It is consistent with the PA’s ongoing policy of paying stipends to terrorists and their families, and has the overwhelming support of a Palestinian Arab population that has, for generations, been fed an uninterrupted stream of the most extreme antisemitism since Goebbels.

All of this—all of it—is funded directly by the United States and the European Union, both directly and indirectly. Aside from the mind-boggling support for the PA and the support for Arab annexation efforts disguised as humanitarian aid, every cent of the $6 billion given to Iran by the Biden administration is being rained down on Israeli citizens’ heads in rockets, bullets, death and destruction.

Hamas, Hezbollah and all the rest—including the PA—are Iranian proxies, funded and trained directly by Iran with US taxpayers’ money. The photos of Israeli hostages stripped naked, bound and lying on sacks of rice and other staples bearing the logo “Humanitarian Aid for the People of Gaza” provided by Japan, Europe and the United States speak for themselves.

The “humanitarian” fig leaf must not be allowed to cover up support for terrorism and the Arab “plan of stages” to annihilate Israel.

Another thing that should be crystal clear by now is that there is not, nor has there ever been, any justification for the absolutely insane idea that territorial concessions can bring Israel peace. That particular bit of stupidity has been so thoroughly discredited that anyone who ever raises it again is doing nothing more than revealing their desire to eradicate Israel.

The Jewish communities of the Gaza Strip were forcefully evacuated, and every last Israeli soldier was pulled back, with the promise that this would bring us to utopia’s doorstep. All our intelligence-gathering capabilities were sacrificed; all our quick-access security routes were abandoned, and it took the terrorists of Gaza less than one month from the withdrawal to begin using the ceded territory as a launchpad for rockets aimed at Israeli population centers.

The idea of territorial suicide in the “disputed territories” of Judea and Samaria is no less insane—actually, it’s far crazier—than Israel’s suicidal abandonment of the Gaza Strip. Let us not forget that the entire territory west of the Jordan River was recognized by the world as sovereign Israeli territory in 1948; Jordan’s illegal occupation of that territory did not change that fact.

Jordan’s seizure of Judea and Samaria—in an act of war initiated by five Arab armies (among them Egypt) aimed at eradicating the newborn State of Israel—was universally condemned. Jordan’s annexation of the territory was never recognized by the international community for precisely that reason: Israel was, and remains, the sole legitimate sovereign over the territories illegally taken by Jordan in 1948.

No other country created under the League of Nations Mandate system in the aftermath of World War I has ever had its borders called into question, nor has any other country ever willingly ceded territory it obtained in a defensive war, especially territory over which it was sovereign from the day of its establishment.

There is no security or economic logic, no moral grounds, no legal argument, no historical or any other kind of justification for ceding a single grain of sand west of the Jordan River to anyone—let alone to people sworn to our annihilation. No one should ever dare to suggest such an immoral, self-destructive course again. The people of Israel have overwhelmingly abandoned this delusion and have voted out of government the people who cooked up this crap in the first place.

In recent months, the peddlers of this fantasy have sought to get back into power so they can continue slicing and dicing the body and soul of Israel.

That’s over.