Israel is at war! And even worse, Israel is in a state of shock! Over 700 dead in one day. 2,500 wounded, and 130 Israelis, civilians and soldiers, abducted!

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Hamas, Gaza

On Shabbat morning the spirit of Israel was broken. Where was the security? Where was the army? Where was the air force? Where were our elected leaders, the government? A horror scenario and a national tragedy! Surely everyone was aware that only terrible fear and danger could unite the people again. Most of the reservists were called up, all of our own sons, friends, neighbors and other acquaintances. As King Solomon said: “There is a time for everything. There is a time for war and a time for peace.” Now there is war in Israel. And this war is about our home and country.

Israel Today is not just a news agency on the ground in Israel. We are first and foremost the people of Israel. As long as Israel exists, our enemies will never give up their quest to destroy us. This time we see it before our eyes, in close-up. For this reason, we have joined the many organizations that spontaneously want to assist our soldiers, reservists, our children with all kinds of supplies and blessings.

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