Israel Urges Christians: Come Back to the Holy Land!

With the skies again open, and promises of no more closures, President Herzog beseeches Christian tourists to return

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: CHRISTIANS, Tourism
President Isaac Herzog tells Christians that the Holy Land eagerly awaits their return. 
President Isaac Herzog tells Christians that the Holy Land eagerly awaits their return.  Photo: Noam Revkin Fenton/Flash90

“We are eager to welcome you all back in Jerusalem,” Israel President Isaac Herzog told a group of Christians in America last week via video.

The coronavirus pandemic dealt a near-fatal blow to Israel’s tourism industry, and the Jewish state is now working hard to encourage Christians that it’s again safe to visit the Holy Land.

Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, Israel had been registering record numbers of visitors and pilgrims.

With infection rates now continually on the decline, Israel has removed its coronavirus restrictions, including the draconian requirements on incoming foreign visitors.

In short, tourism is reopened in Israel. For good this time, if the government is to be believed.

That’s music to the ears of many Christians, who had for two years been longing for the Land of Israel. And Herzog knew just what they needed to hear.

“…Walk through [Jerusalem’s] gates, worship at its holy sites, see the beauty of the Holy Land. And experience the modern day miracle that is Israel,” he told participants in the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast in Dallas, Texas.

Israel Today staff can confirm that tourists are once again seen all over the country, and our very own Stan Goodenough recently guided a group through the biblical landscape.

See Stan’s article: Guiding God’s Land – An Introduction

Israeli officials have promised that they will not again close the skies and it is safe to book your visit to the Holy Land.

“Certainty is important for the tourism industry. Therefore, I am proud to announce that … there is no possibility of closing the skies to tourists,” said Tourism Minister Yoel Razvozov last week.

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