Israelis Concerned Over Irresponsible Government Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Israelis Concerned Over Irresponsible Government

After initial coronavirus success, Israel’s is now a cautionary tale with Netanyahu losing popularity fast


Recent weeks have witnessed a sudden spike in the numbers of Israelis diagnosed with COVID-19, inaugurating what is now being referred to as the virus’s “second wave.” After ending the general lockdown throughout the country in the beginning of May, it appeared that the height of the coronavirus saga was behind us.

The government’s restrictions were lifted all at once. Within days, Israel sharply transitioned from complete shutdown to having bars and restaurants almost completely open with weddings hosting between 200 to 300 guests. Wearing masks ceased being enforced and thus less and less of the public continued to abide by the Ministry of Health’s recommendations.

Meanwhile, as a result of the total lockdown, Israel is now experiencing one of its worst financial crises in its 72-year history. In the middle of May, Israel reached a skyrocketing 25% unemployment rate and although the economy opened back up, many—especially young Israelis—are struggling to find work. Moreover, left and right small businesses are closing throughout the country finding it impossible to repair the economic damage that was done as a result...


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