Jews are blamed for US protests and turmoil. Wisam Hashlamoun/Flash90
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Jews Blamed for US Protests, Police Brutality and Turmoil

The tragic death of George Floyd has enabled the promotion of new and dangerous antisemitic libels

by Yossi Aloni

PHOTO: It has become trendy to equate George Floyd with Palestinian “martyrs,” thus bolstering the claim that Israel and the Jews are behind it all.

Antisemites are taking advantage of outrage over George Floyd’s tragic death as they circulate blood libel conspiracies like:

  • Israel planned Floyd’s death in order to cause riots in the United States
  • Jewish aircraft sprayed gas on demonstrators
  • American police officers learned methods of repression from IDF soldiers

These findings came to light in a report by the non-profit organization Fighting Online Anti-Semitism (FOA). The organization has identified dozens of anti-Semitic publications in leading social networks in recent weeks. These publications are propagated by antisemites who take advantage of the protests to spread hate messages against the Jewish people and the State of Israel. Many of the publications compare the policeman who strangled Floyd with the (Israeli) Zionist…