Jews Rescue Arab Hikers on Shabbat

There are also positive reports from our region, but these are mostly kept secret abroad

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Coexistence
Photo: Dead Sea Search and Rescue Unit

All that most people around the world hear of Israel and the Arabs are reports of hostility and violence. It’s surprise to a lot of folks to hear stories like the following that reveal a level of coexistence that most have been conditioned by the media to see as impossible.

The story happened a week ago last Friday. At about 19:15 local time, a call from the regional police chief was made to the headquarters of the Dead Sea Search and Rescue Unit in Judea. Twenty-five Arab hikers had lost their way in the wilderness and were trapped in a wadi. The Dead Sea Rescue Unit is made up of residents of the Jewish settlements in the area. Most are religious Jews, and were busy preparing Shabbat dinner when the call came in. 

Without a moment’s hesitation, they dropped everything and set off to save lives. After all, as Jewish law holds, pikuach nefesh doche haShabbat (saving life come before even the Shabbat). It mattered not the ethnic or religious background of those in trouble.

By the time the rescue unit found the hikers, the latter were completely exhausted. They had come from the city of Hebron, and had been walking since 9 AM that morning. They had only intended to be out hiking for about four hours. As such, they had set off with insufficient food and water for a nine-hour ordeal. Some were on the verge of collapsing.

Why is it, do you think, that stories like this are mostly ignored by the mainstream media?

חילוץ פלסטינים על ידי מתנחלים

"הם לא הבינו לאן ללכת, היה להם קר והם התרגשו לראות אותנו"קבוצת מתנחלים נחלצה בליל שבת לחלץ מטיילים פלסטינים שאבדו במהלך טיול | ריאיון עם גבי ברשישת סגן מפקד יחידת חילוץ "מגילות ים המלח"

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