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Legend of Destruction

The film “Legend of Destruction” is highly recommended. A legend that, according to many Israelis, touches reality.

“If we don’t find a way to live together, then we will die together,” said Israeli film director Gidi Dar in an interview about his new film “Legend of Destruction.” In his animated feature (93 minutes) Dar reflects on the Jewish revolt against the Roman Empire in Eretz Israel, which ended in a Jewish civil war and ultimately led to the destruction of the Temple. The film takes the audience on a fascinating and turbulent journey that raises political, spiritual and social questions about our lives in the country today. How and what is Jewish identity? Who is more right?

As hatred rages on the streets of Jerusalem, everyone believes that justice is on their side. In the midst of historical figures from the year 66 AD in Jerusalem, the film takes us on an intangible adventure in the name of divine freedom and justice, the end of which we all know. Everyone who sees the film feels it was speaking to them. A historical epic in Jewish history that is more relevant than ever in our days. The fact that this film is being released in the days of a new and controversial government in Israel has put it front and center in the local media.

Regardless of whether religious, Orthodox, secular or some other stream, everyone feels addressed and understands: If we do not pull ourselves together, the internal hatred dividing the people of Israel will destroy us for the third time. “I’m not saying we are on the verge of destruction, but we have to learn from history and understand that we are part of Jewish history,” stressed Dar. “We are in a complex situation and my prayer is that this film will be an alarm for the people of Israel.”

With the hope that this film will appear with an English translation as soon as possible, “Legend of Destruction” is highly recommended. A legend that, according to various opinions in the country, very much touches reality.

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