NOW SHOWING: The War with Russia in the Bible with Jerusalem Rabbi

Watch our recent discussion with Rabbi Chaim Eisen about how the Russia-Ukraine connects to Scripture

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Ukraine, Russia

Rabbi Eisen is an expert in expounding the Hebrew scriptures and helping us understand how we can respond to what is happening in the world today and how the Bible tells us why all of this is happening.

Get a biblical perspective on the conflict and find out where the Hebrew Bible speaks directly to the upheavals now rocking Europe, the US, financial markets, and modern democracies?

“What is the role that we will play in these events orchestrated with God? How can I align myself with God’s will be a means of bringing God’s plan to fruition?” the Rabbi asks.

“We cannot sit this one out and be irrelevant,” he explains.

Christians and Jews should be on the forefront of understanding, praying, and knowing how to get involved in this conflict.

“This war has everything to do with God’s sovereignty,” Rabbi Eisen says. “The current unprecedented unity of Europe and the West in their support for Ukraine and condemnation of the Russian invasion has a lot to do with idolatry and their own standards as opposed to God’s.”

There is a real spiritual war going on and the rulers of the world are just pieces on a chessboard. there is a higher power released that makes these evil actions possible.

The Rabbi points out that there has been a “Strident repudiation of God in western society” and shows a direct connect to Jeremiah’s prophecy and the Queen of Heaven.

He also says that bringing all the Jews back from the North is an important part of what is happening.

Come learn more.

Photo: Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90


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