Major Jewish Organization Hires Christian Director The American Jewish Committee
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Major Jewish Organization Hires Christian Director

Many were puzzled when the American Jewish Committee put a practicing Christian in charge of fighting antisemitism


Holly Huffnagle has been appointed US Director for Combating Antisemitism at the American Jewish Committee (AJC). At first we were puzzled as to why a Jewish organization would hire a Christian to direct their program, but after we here at Israel Today spoke with Huffnagle, we began to understand, and hope her appointment will inspire even greater cooperation between Christians and Jews.

Israel Today: As a Christian, how did you become interested in Israel and the Jewish people?

Huffnagle: Growing up, I always wanted to visit Jerusalem, Nazareth, Bethlehem, Cana, the Galilee, Capernaum, and other sites important to Christianity. But my personal faith and its connection to the Land was separate from my commitment to fight antisemitism, which really began in college.

I became interested in the well-being of the Jewish people when I studied the Holocaust. It has often been said that if Israel had existed before 1939, then there would not have been the Holocaust as we know it. Antisemitism also did not end with the Holocaust, and a safe and secure…