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The Hebrew Bible has some VERY interesting things to say about a child’s position and role in the family

By David Lazarus | | Topics: Bible, Word in Hebrew
The Bible is a treasure trove of family wisdom.
Photo: Chen Leopold/Flash90

Most of the time my kids love our family, and mostly I love them. But sometimes we drive each other crazy.

In our home tensions build when we interfere too much in our kid’s lives. “Go to school. Get a job. Do something with your life!” Sound familiar? So we try to leave them alone and let them do what they want. Makes sense, I thought, but then I hear, “You don’t care about me. You’re always too busy. You don’t even know me!”


Family in the Bible

So we sat down and looked at the Bible to try and figure this family thing out. Of course the world of the Bible is light years away from our credit-card-holding, university educated, mobile urbanite kids, but what a surprise to discover that the biblical word for family comes from the word for a slave. That’s right, you heard it here and whoever said you can choose your friends but you cannot choose your family had it right!

Some of you might...

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