Namaste Jerusalem

Is this what the Prophet Isaiah meant by Jerusalem being a house of prayer for all?

By Aviel Schneider | | Topics: Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Municipality welcomes people from all religions and cultures to come up to the Holy City with the words of the Prophet Isaiah: “My house shall be called a House of Prayer for all nations.” This is a reflection of the city’s vision and aspirations to be a center for all cultures, faiths and nations on earth. At the city’s old train station, guests are being greeted with namaste, an Indian gesture that expresses a welcome with “I bow to you.” The large posters on the entertainment complex with its cafés, restaurants and boutiques, which opened six years ago, provides a great atmosphere welcoming every visitor.

The old train station known as “Ha Tachana Ha Rischona” (The First Station) was built over a hundred years ago and connected the Mediterranean Coast with Jerusalem. The first train reached Jerusalem in 1892. The old Jaffa station on the coast was in operation until 1948, while the Jerusalem station remained active 50 years longer. Today, the modernized site of this old train station is a popular meeting place for people from many nations. Anyone who knows the corner of Hebron Street in Jerusalem that connects Bethlehem and Jerusalem’s Old City knows how central this stop is for Jews, Muslims and Christians alike.

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