Netanyahu’s Shrewd Exploitation of Gaza Violence Flash90

Netanyahu’s Shrewd Exploitation of Gaza Violence

Netanyahu has been accused of gambling with the lives of Israel’s citizens


Why does Israel have to tolerate constant rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip? The latest outbreak of violence in the south of the country was the worst since the 2014 Gaza war. Seven hundred rockets were fired at Israel’s towns over a single weekend in early May. Four Israelis were killed and more than 100 were wounded. Israel responded with retaliatory strikes on terrorist installations. The Palestinians also reported a number of casualties, most of them members of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Prior to the recent general election in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted he was the only candidate that could defeat Hamas and bring calm to the south. But now he has once again agreed to a ceasefire that leaves Hamas in charge and capable of instigating another round of violence whenever it sees fit.

This was a politically-calculated move. Netanyahu and his government do not want to get rid of Hamas. On the contrary, Hamas serves the interests of the Likud government. A rogue Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip weakens the internationally-recognized Palestinian Authority government in Ramallah…