Jews who believed in Jesus were still persecuted by the Nazis Anat Hermony/FLASH90

Non-Aryan Jewish Christians Under Nazism

The Nazis hated the Jews, but what to do with those Jews who believe in Jesus, or those who converted to the state-approved Christian religion?

What to do with those Jews who believe in Jesus? In the 1930s and during the Second World War, the Nazis labeled Jewish Yeshua-believers (JYB) by the designation Non-Aryan Christians. Substantially, according to Nazi racial reasoning there was no difference between JYB and other Jews. Those who were only partly Aryan with Jewish blood in their veins and adopted the faith in Messiah Yeshua were considered by the Nazis as Mischlinge, or “hybrid Jewish Christians.” In those years the baptized Jews, as they were also called, were hated, persecuted and exterminated like other Jews, whether they converted to Protestantism or…