Try as it might, the world cannot advance the Israel-Palestinian peace process. EPA-EFE/MICHAEL REYNOLDS

Plans Upon Plans and Still No Peace

We’ve been here before. It won’t lead to peace. None of man’s efforts seem able to do so.

The latest vision for peace from US President Donald Trump served once again as a clear reminder of the numerous peace plans that over the last three decades were supposed to resolve the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Starting with the conference in Madrid in 1991, which led to the Oslo Accords of 1992, the Interim Agreement (or Oslo 2) in 1995, the Camp David Summit of 2000, the Road Map in 2002, the conference at Sharm El Sheikh in 2005 leading to Annapolis in 2007, all these rendezvous were milestones in the negotiations with the Palestinians. In 2009,…