Pro-Biden Images Begin Appearing in Tel Aviv

Grassroots Israeli campaign seeks to show that not everyone here supports Trump

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Biden
Poster congratulates Biden and Harris in Tel Aviv
Photo: Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

Billboards and posters congratulating US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have begun showing up across the Greater Tel Aviv area over the past week.

The posters read: “Democracy Wins! Israelis congratulate Biden and Harris”

Behind the campaign is a group known as “The Israeli Alliance” that is run by activists affiliated primarily with left-wing parties. They said that the new posters and billboards are an effort to counter the perception that all Israelis are Trump supporters.

It is no secret to anyone that Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu enjoyed a close personal friendship with Donald Trump, or that he often clashed with Barack Obama, under whom Biden served as Vice President.

Leading up to the US presidential election last year, a survey found that given the opportunity a strong majority of Israelis would have voted for Trump.

The Israeli Alliance wants Biden to know that that’s not true of all Israelis.

“We launched this crowdfunded project to show that there are other Israelis who are not represented by the collective support for Trump,” a representative of the group told Israel’s Ma’ariv newspaper last week.

“In the past, we held a special status. Israel was a bipartisan issue. But Trump’s appropriation has for some caused Israel to be identified with the most extremist elements in the US, including those who participated in the siege of Capitol Hill. We must show that Israel is not just a Trump stronghold, but an ally of the US, regardless of who’s president,” she added.

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