The Abraham Accords have changed the rules of the game Avi Ohayon/GPO
Middle East

Resistance or Stability: How the Abraham Accords Altered the Game

Israel and the Gulf states had quiet ties for decades with no diplomatic breakthroughs. What has changed now?


After the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain broke the ice by establishing full relations with Israel, US President Donald Trump announced that many more Arab countries were in line to do the same, including Saudi Arabia. Dr. Alexander Shumilin, of the Institute of Europe at the Russian Academy of Sciences, believes that if this holds true, we could soon see the formation of a new Middle East.


According to the teachings of Abraham

Following not only the announcement of the UAE and Bahrain deals, but also the warm atmosphere in which the new relations were being conducted, it became clear that these monarchs, and indeed the Arab world as a whole, were ready to take responsible strategic decisions to reshape the region.

The signing of the agreements was nearly a carbon copy of what happened 41 years ago, when US President Jimmy Carter oversaw the Camp David Accords between the leaders of Egypt (Anwar Sadat) and Israel (Menachem Begin). This includes the fact that in both cases there was enticement...


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