Bible and politics. Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Right Faces Left and We All Fall Down

Finding God’s way through the politics, conflicts and confusion


In politics as in life these days it seems that everything and everyone is divided between Right and Left. These terms now describe people, groups, and their associated political parties. And more often than not, these groups are on opposing confrontational sides.

Right and Left each have their own characteristics that have become deeply entrenched. Left usually values equality, justice, globalism, and international relations. Right values authority, an emphasis on cultural uniqueness, regulations and nationalism.

In Israel, the Left is in favor of territorial compromise, the Right much less, or not at all. On the economy, left-wing values are first and foremost state planning and public control, while right-wing focuses more on the private sector and competition. Right and Left are often political enemies that only meet in the center if they have no other way out.

Bible centered?

Is Israel’s new unity government an ingenious solution of the center? I don’t think so. In the Bible, both Right and Left are considered dangerous, end-of-the road stumbling blocks. Scripture commands us to, “Follow the straight path and do…