Tachles with Aviel – A second “Nakba” is happening

The Hamas regime is trying to hide what’s happening in Gaza. But thanks to social media, the dirty truth is coming to light.

By Aviel Schneider | | Topics: Gaza, Hamas
Political cartoon about the exodus of young Palestinians from the Gaza Strip.
Political cartoon about the exodus of young Palestinians from the Gaza Strip.

Young Palestinians are fleeing the Gaza Strip in droves and are documenting this on social media. A Palestinian political cartoon (above) by opponents of the  brutal Hamas regime gets to the point and compares the Palestinian “Nakba” of the founding of the State of Israel in 1948 with the second Palestinian “Nakba” in 2023, which is taking place in the Gaza Strip. In both cases the Palestinians fled “Palestine,” then because of the Jews and this time because of Hamas. A new refugee problem for the Palestinians. In this case, who is responsible for the Palestinians’ “right of return,” Israel or Hamas?

Many of Gaza’s young generation see no future under the reign of terror and are seeking a new life elsewhere. According to Palestinian sources, tens of thousands of Palestinians have already submitted visa applications for Turkey. The economic situation in Gaza is not improving under the Hamas regime, and every day more young Palestinians realize that they have no future in the densely populated, terrorist-controlled coastal enclave. On social media, young people report how and why they are fleeing the Gaza Strip and looking for happiness abroad. Mass migration is increasing and Hamas can no longer deny it. Turkey issues an entry visa to any interested Palestinian and Hamas cannot do anything about this other than limiting the number to 400 visas per day.


Nakba means catastrophe or misfortune in English. The term refers to the flight of around 700,000 Arab Palestinians from the former British Mandate, which Israel is blamed for. According to an estimate by Palestinian authorities in Ramallah, around 350,000 young people have left the Gaza Strip in recent years. That’s already half the number who fled their home villages during Israel’s War of Independence 75 years ago.


In addition, various bloggers, both Palestinian and Israeli, report that a number of young people who were unable to leave the Gaza Strip have committed suicide. In August, Fatah sources reported that there were about 15 suicides in the Gaza Strip in ten days alone. In the 16 years since Hamas took control of the Gaza Strip, 12 percent of the Gaza population has fled. This is according to a study published by an organization linked to the terrorist group.

The Hamas regime is very concerned about the significant increase in publications regarding the migration of young Palestinians from the Gaza Strip. “There is no change in the number of people leaving and returning to Egypt through the Rafah border crossing and the number corresponds to the annual average,” said the Hamas authority at the border crossing. To make it even more difficult for young Palestinians to leave for Turkey, visa offices in the Gaza Strip have been greatly reduced.

In addition, the Hamas regime is threatening to publish false statistics about the number of Palestinians fleeing via the Rafah border crossing, but those who publish the figures are often Palestinians outside the Gaza Strip. What can often be seen, however, are videos of young Palestinians saying goodbye to their parents and siblings in tears at the Rafah border crossing, or footage of traveling on boats from Turkey to Greece.

Post from Telegram: Migration from the Gaza Strip in four stages.

The migration of young Palestinians from the Gaza Strip takes place in four stages:

  1. With the Turkish visa, the official departure begins via the Rafah border crossing via Sinai to Cairo.
  2. In the second stage the migrant must book a flight from Egypt to Turkey. Some of the young Palestinians stay in Turkey, but the majority want to go to Europe.
  3. The third stage for those with their eyes on Europe is the most dangerous, as they must flee Turkey to Greece on smugglers’ boats.
  4. The fourth and final stage is the goal: Greece is considered a stepping stone to more desirous European destinations such as Germany, Holland and England.

This entire escape package from the Gaza Strip via Cairo, Turkey to Greece often costs the young Palestinians thousands of euros. A thriving business for the smugglers.

But the problem is that these young Palestinians fled because of the terrorist regime in the Gaza Strip and are then demonstrating against Israel in protests on the streets of Europe. I don’t know of any demonstration in Europe in which young Palestinians gathered and took a stand against their own Hamas regime, which is why they fled the Gaza Strip.