MembersPrecision Drone-Driven Agriculture

Modern drones, also known as UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), have found their way into modern agriculture

By Esti Eliraz | | Topics: Tech & Tradition
Photo: ALTA

The Israeli company ALTA Innovation Solutions recognized the potential of UAV technology for agricultural purposes and is developing a tailor-made solution for every farmer. In addition to high-resolution photography for monitoring or mapping purposes, larger UAVs can be equipped with customer-specific devices for the application of chemicals. Minimum expenditure of time, high accuracy and reduced workforce are just some of the many advantages offered by this new technology.

First, problem areas are identified with high-resolution RGB camera technology using special algorithms. For example, the ALTA pilot knows exactly where chemicals have to be sprayed later. This is done with larger, so-called “Skipper” UAV. Rodent control agents, pesticide administration or insect pheromone treatments are applied with almost surgical precision. ALTA has greatly reduced the amount of pesticides and other chemicals used in fields and orchards. Agricultural drones also drastically reduce worker health risks as a result.

A vivid example is the codling moth, whose caterpillars are considered a pest by fruit-growers. Its population is controlled with pheromones, among other things,...

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