MembersThe Deadlock of ‘Occupation’ and Dead End of the Two-State Solution

Israelis and Palestinians are locked in conflicting and irreconcilable views of what happened here over the last 100 years.

By Tsvi Sadan |
Photo: INDEFENSIBLE BORDERS: The UN Partition Plan contained only 20 percent of the original territory designated for the ‘Jewish national home

The Palestinians hold fast to their belief that all of Israel is Palestine under occupation, and it does not matter that there never was a country called Palestine to which an occupation could be applied. This is why Tel Aviv and Haifa are no less “illegally occupied territory” than the Jewish settlements of Ofra and Ariel.


After all, the Palestinians say, wasn’t Ashkelon formerly known as Majdal and Ashdod as Isdud? Doesn’t Tel Aviv occupy the land of nine former Arab villages, including Sheik Muwannis, Summayl and Salamah? Is it not true that Kibbutz Tzora near Jerusalem is located where the village of Sar’a used to be? The Palestinians insist that the difference between the occupation of 1948 and that of 1967 is artificial and irrelevant. For them, it is all or nothing.


Though the modern Zionist Tzora was indeed formerly Sar’a, those who care about historical accuracy know that Sar’a was formerly the biblical village of Tzora. History, insist the Jews, can’t...

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