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MembersThe Messiah Fantasy or the Biblical Script

Why is it that we are so enthralled by messianic-themed books and films? What causes us to gravitate toward them?

All of the most popular movies tend to focus on the Biblical concept of Messiah
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A few days ago I saw the remake of Dune in the cinema. A masterpiece by the American author Frank Herbert from the 1960s. There is a valuable spice on the desert planet Dune. This raw material is very profitable because it is needed for space travel and is considered irreplaceable. It’s science fiction with a messianic motif.

The Dune series of novels is based, like so many other popular films and books, on the biblical concept of salvation. I often ask myself what causes film producers and directors to gravitate toward these messianic stories? Do they really believe in the biblical promises, or perhaps the most original concept and script of all time remains hidden in the Bible? So many classic cinema masterpieces involve biblical, messianic and apocalyptic themes that affect millions of people worldwide.

We sat in the theater with masks on for almost three hours, and then sat around the table for another two hours discussing how film producers copy from the biblical script and turn it into new science fiction. It’s...

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