Top Rabbi: Messiah’s Name Will Soon Be Revealed

One of Israel’s wealthiest rabbis calls time of governmental disunity a precursor for Messiah

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Messiah
Photo: Yaakov Naumi/Flash90

One of Israel’s top celebrity rabbis (see: A Match Made in Heaven) said in a video sermon posted to YouTube last week that the name of the Messiah will soon be revealed.

Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi (pictured, right) told Israelis that God is ready to reveal the name of the Messiah, and urged the people to “be in unity” and “get ready!”

The rabbi pointed to the disunity in the Israeli government and stressed that this is the appointed time for the people to call out for Messiah and the return of the Sanhedrin, the council of sages that oversaw Jewish life in ancient times.

“Ask for the Messiah and the Sanhedrin,” preached Ben-Artzi, “the Messiah will come soon to stop the plague and the Gentiles around us from harming the Land of Israel.”

Earlier this year, Ben-Artzi urged Jews still living in the Diaspora to return to Israel in preparation for the Messiah’s arrival.

Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi is a Kabbalist (Jewish mystic) who claims predictive powers, which has made him controversial, and widely popular. He has an estimated personal wealth of over 100 million shekels (nearly $30 million).

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