Israel-UAE peace deal could upset Israel's qualitative military edge. Creative Commons

The Missing Link in the Israel-UAE Peace Deal

Is normalization worth upsetting Israel’s qualitative military edge?


Soon after rampant celebration and endless discussion over Israel’s pending peace agreement with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a missing link was discovered, subsequently changing how some now view the deal. Initial reactions were favorable to the agreement, surmising that the floodgates have now opened to more peace deals with Arab countries. Official Israeli representatives have already paid a visit to the Gulf Monarchy and talk has already spurred up surrounding possible direct flights between Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi. However, only a few days went by and it quickly became apparent that there was a “minor” undisclosed clause in the agreement.

Unknown to the public, another deal is in the making between the United States and the UAE along with the historic peace agreement with Israel. The highly praised peace deal may serve as a gateway for increased UAE arms procurement. The United States has been reported to be pursuing an arms-deal with the UAE that includes the sale of F-35 stealth jets as well as armed drones.…