Palestinians protest normalization deals Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90
Middle East

The Palestinians are Furious: Three Peace Treaties in Six Weeks

“Netanyahu is forging a regional coalition not seen since the days of King Ahab”


Photo: Palestinians protest against the peace deals between Israel and the UAE and Bahrain.

In Bahrain, the Palestinian flags have been taken down. The Arab states nowadays are no longer committed to the Palestinian problem. Bahrain is the first country in the Arab world to declare that it is prepared to combat antisemitism in any form, including anti-Israelism and the delegitimization of the existence of the State of Israel. Israel and Bahrain have decided to produce programs and study materials, which are to be distributed throughout the Middle East to promote brotherliness and tolerance between Jews and Muslims.

Politicians in the United Arab Emirates regard the Palestinian leadership as murderers and a corrupt regime. Sudan admitted that the idea to make peace with Israel came from them. Israel’s agricultural technology will be of enormous help to the parched African country. Twenty-five years without any peace treaties and a failed Oslo Accords, and now Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has overseen three new peace treaties in just six weeks. Quite simple: “Peace for peace.” Other Arab states are on the...


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