Anti-Netanyahu demonstrations in Jerusalem Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

The Pink Ladies and Israel’s Descent Into Anarchy

“Black flag” protests aren’t about Netanyahu, they’re about turning Israel into a progressive dystopia


The real motivation behind the anti-Bibi demonstrations, that have been going on for four months now, is missed by most Israelis, including many of the demonstrators, who believe they are protesting against a person named Benjamin Netanyahu. This shouldn’t be surprising considering the subversive agenda behind these demonstrations.

Those opposing these demonstrations are preoccupied with the bizarre erotic displays dovetailing these protests, the occasional outbursts of violence and the hypocritical zeal to cleanse Israel of the allegedly criminal behavior of right-wing politicians, first among them Netanyahu. Of the many examples of double standards is the latest demonstration by Merav Michaeli, who is endorsing former soccer player Eyal Berkovic as the next coach of the Israel national soccer team.

Last Friday, Berkovic, now a controversial but popular Friday night talk show host, invited...


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