MembersThe Short End of the Shorts: Feminism Gone Haywire

Israel is today held captive by radical feminist politics that prohibits free and open debate

By Tsvi Sadan | | Topics: Feminism
Feminism gone haywire in Israel.
Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Every year, Israel endures again a protest by schoolgirls and their parents against the Ministry of Education over its dress code that prohibits short shorts. It was recently reignited when several schools in Israel enforced this rule and barred female students who were wearing shorts that were much too short.

According to the protesters, the dress code is discriminatory and sexist because the same requirement is not applied to males. They also say that shorts are perfectly suited to the hot Israeli summer. And as far as modesty goes, well, it’s those who are sexually-provoked who have a problem, not the provocateurs. And just to make sure the issue is understood, the shorts at issue are the revealing type worn by cheerleaders.

The schoolgirls’ shorts protest is backed by feminists, including Na’amat, which is an Israeli women’s organization affiliated with the Labor Movement. This organization, established in 1921, is the largest provider of childcare in Israel, and is world-renowned for its progressive early childhood education. In 2008, this organization received the Israel Prize for lifetime achievement and special contribution...

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