Together we are strong!

Now that the IDF reservists are being released from the war, we would like to thank our readers for their support of our soldiers.

By Aviel Schneider | | Topics: Gaza, IDF
Photo: Aviel Schneider

IDF reserve soldiers are slowly being released from the war. Although the war is not over yet, the army has changed its approach. In recent weeks, thousands of reservists have already been released from service in the south, including my boys, my son-in-law and my friends’ sons. All of their equipment and weapons will be stored for the next phase. But for now they are free, free to have a break and return to their normal, civilian lives, which is really not easy for most of them. But it is necessary and everyone will have to get used to everyday life again, in their family, their work, their studies, wherever, the world outside of war.

We want to thank and honor God for bringing our sons and our friends’ sons all home safely. My mother in particular is overjoyed, she had nine grandchildren in the war and I know how difficult these months were for her. But we will also not forget the heroes who fell in the Gaza Strip, including Dekel Swissa, Roi Nahari and Asaf Hamami. The first two were classmates of our son Elad in elementary school, only 23 years old. Asaf was Moran’s commander and a long-time friend. The pain and grief of the affected families is unbearable.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, Israel Today will be funding another barbecue thanks to your financial support. This time for the Paratroopers, 600 reservists who are ending their tour of duty in the south. They celebrate this in the biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria. We will be there and report on the gathering. In times like these, there is nothing more beautiful than standing by our soldiers and, if possible, pampering them, as we did in the Gaza Strip at the beginning of January.

Israel Today barbecue for IDF soldiers on the edge of Gaza earlier this month.

There aren’t enough words to describe how proud I am of this young “TikTok generation.” Anyone who belongs to my generation understands what a generation has grown up in this country, young people who in an instant put down their mobile devices to defend the country. Almost four months of war. Soldiers march on their feet, so they must be healthy. And that’s exactly why we decided to support Meital Lahav. Meital is a medical foot reflexology therapist and has even invented a bridge for problematic feet, an invention that greatly relieves pain in the feet and therefore in the whole body. Every soldier treated by Meital’s care team receives a “Lamisil” spray for athlete’s foot. And if the soldier being treated already has athlete’s foot, Lamisil will help treat it and prevent infection. Here too we helped and purchased the medication. Thanks for your help!

Meital in her foot treatment bus.

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It was a privilege for all of us in the editorial team in Jerusalem to help this generation. I personally worked with a small group of fathers and former reservists who looked after our soldiers – boys and girls – around the clock. Everything else was, shall we say, secondary. Some of us even flew to Europe for 24 hours to buy certain equipment cheaper and bring it to Israel the same day. We will continue to do this if the situation in the north worsens. So thank you again for each and every one of you!

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Two special drones (I’m not allowed to say more about this) that were ordered for a specific unit have arrived in the country – also thanks to your financial support. Each drone cost 10,000 euros and they are vital for the special forces.

Two drones arrive at the Israel Today office.
There are also 20 Avata Pro-View drones (see picture), which were cheaper but are essential for certain units. These drones fly and film in houses and tunnels before soldiers operate there.

The world fears a multi-front war in the North, but not our soldiers, who want to fight on until victory. The Israeli ground operation in the Gaza Strip is entering a new phase these days. A break in fighting for Israel’s reservists until the next round – if it comes to that – in northern Israel in the summer. The goal has not yet been achieved, the hostages are not yet home, and Hamas has not yet been defeated. Be that as it may, we will carry on and stand at the side of our soldiers for now and in the next phase we will be involved in rehabilitation of injured soldiers and trauma therapy. We are not only on site and providing information, Israel Today is fully engaged on your behalf in the country. Together we are strong!


To date, this is the equipment YOUR support has provided to Israeli soldiers:

  • 1,000 thermal shirts from Columbia
  • 1,000 tactical gloves
  • 600 field mattresses
  • 800 jackets and hoodies
  • 60 tactical helmets
  • 100 tactical camouflage uniforms
  • 35 tactical boots from Lowa
  • 80 Hesco Armor 800 Series Armor Plates – Armor plates that use next-generation materials to achieve the lowest possible weight and maximum performance
  • 40 K-Zero Plate Carrier – the only plate carrier developed directly with Israeli and US Special Forces to address all comfort and functionality issues with modern plate carriers
  • 25 official plate carriers of the IDF Marine Command Unit (Shayetet 13). Lightweight, fully modular plate carrier for scenarios where mobility is required
  • 20 Avata Pro-View drones
  • 2 special drones
  • 350 Lamisil spray
  • 2 barbecue parties


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