Too Young to Kill?

No matter their age, anyone who tries to kill a soldier or police officer should expect to be shot

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Photo: Flash90

In the video above you see two Palestinian youth try to walk unassumingly through a gate into Jerusalem’s Old City, then suddenly, with knives flying, charge at two Israeli police officers who have their backs turned and try to kill them.

One policeman falls to the ground as the stabber stands over him plunging his knife into the fallen officer, as the other policemen respond quickly and manage to shoot both assailants. One of the attackers stays down, but the other keeps moving and trying to get up as a policeman neutralizes him with another gun shot.

A Palestinian spokesperson angrily came to the ridiculous conclusion that the policemen’s actions were part of an government policy of killing in order to increase tensions in the conflict and get Israelis to vote for a right-wing government. “This escalation is a dangerous indication and could continue in the period leading up to the Israeli elections in mid-September,” he said in a statement. The Palestinian official then used the sad incident to spread more propaganda that the US administration is “covering up on these actions, which are in violation of international laws.” 

Even The Jerusalem Post in reporting on the incident came to the absurd conclusion that “the Palestinian assailants had been shot without being arrested or interrogated.” Did the Post author see the same video we are watching? Arrest who? Interrogate what? This was a life-threatening situation that required immediate, decisive action, not discussion.

In the past, many lives have been lost when Israeli police and IDF soldiers have been too passive in their response to these murderers. When the attackers are so young, Israeli security forces always try to act with discretion. But here, the evidence is clear. These two boys are trying to kill the officers, and the only option the police had was to shoot and neutralize them in order to save their own lives and the lives of other police and civilians in the area. 

These attackers, young or old as they may be, are going to have to understand that when they decide to try and kill a police officer, or anyone else for that matter, they have forfeited their lives and must expect that they will be shot, and most likely killed, on sight. 

“For he who lives by the sword (knife) will die by the sword,” said Jesus Christ. 

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