There are many aspects to salvation in Yeshua. Creative Commons

Salvation: Understanding Messiah’s Gift

A Messianic Jewish look at the key components of the fullness of Yeshua’s gift to mankind

Salvation – Yeshu’aa in Hebrew – repeatedly appears in the New Testament and contains multiple connotations. It is uniquely linked to the Hebrew name Yeshua (Jesus), literally pointing to divine deliverance. Except for the Hebrew language, in no other tongue does this linguistic connection make sense. Pastors and theologians often employ the key concept of salvation, but personally, I think that the common explanations are incomplete, even among Hebrew-speaking Jewish Yeshua-believers (JYB) in Israel. What, then, is the comprehensive meaning of Yeshua’s great gift of  salvation? Can a fresh perspective shed more light on this?   Four kinds of salvation…