US Ambassador Vows Embassy Will Eventually Be Moved to Jerusalem

Some are disappointed Trump didn’t already move the US embassy, but ambassador reassures it will happen

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Israelis were disappointed when US President Donald Trump didn't immediately move his nation's embassy to Jerusalem in accordance with repeated campaign promises.

Sure, nearly every recent US presidential candidate had promised the same. But Israelis actually believed Trump would do it.

So, it was something of a let-down when over the summer it was reported that Trump would follow in the footsteps of Barack Obama and George W. Bush, at least for now, in extending a national security waiver to avoid moving the embassy.

Putting the US Embassy in Jerusalem would cement Israel's claim to the city as its undivided capital, something much of the Arab world vociferously opposes.

Nevertheless, US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman on Sunday reaffirmed that the Trump Administration does indeed intend to move the embassy, eventually.

During a speech to the Zionist Organization of America’s annual gala in New York City, Friedman stated:

"The president has also made clear that he intends to move the United States embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. It is not a question of if, it is a question of when. And I take the president at his word, and I'm personally committed to do all that I can to advocate for this move."

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