MembersWhat’s a Christian Zionist, and Are You One?

Christian Zionism is a commitment to be involved, through prayer and practical support, in what God is doing in the world through Israel

By Ryan Jones | | Topics: CHRISTIANS, Zionism
Christian Zionists gather in Jerusalem to help Israelis celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles, in accordance with biblical prophecy. Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Modern Christian Zionism has grown alongside mainstream Zionism, and certainly not by coincidence. However, is Christian Zionism, like mainstream Zionism, a political movement, or a spiritual ideology?

Certainly, Christian Zionism is based on a spiritual, biblical ideology, as is mainstream Zionism, but that ideology deals with a land and a people, and is therefore also a political movement. Christian Zionism is based on the Word of God for the sake of Israel and the Jewish people, and is in full support of political, mainstream Zionism. This support has grown and shifted over the years from primarily spiritual backing through prayer to very real action on behalf of the nation of Israel and the Jewish people.


What are the goals of Christian Zionism?

Firstly, Christian Zionism seeks to declare to the Church and the world the truth of God’s Word concerning the ownership of the Land of Israel by the Children of Israel (the Jews). Christian Zionism also desires to make clear to the Church and the world the scriptural fact that Israel’s rebellion, disobedience, and subsequent exile from...

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