Where Does Western Aid to the Palestinians Really Go?

(Hint: It’s not to the designated goal, or to where Western taxpayers might hope.)

By Edy Cohen | | Topics: palestinians, Mahmoud Abbas
Photo: Flash90

Since Mahmoud Abbas took office as chairman of the Palestinian Authority (PA), many corruption cases have come to light, including his magnificent palace, employing cronies as senior advisers and ambassadors, and excessive bonuses for government members – not to mention other shameful incidents such as sexual harassment and exploitation by PA politicians.

But today something completely new emerges, something that can be called the “mother” of all scandals exposed from the inside. This is an exposure that should shake up the PA and cause all of those who aid the Palestinian regime to lose sleep, especially naïve Europeans.

You are invited to watch a video taken by a former employee in Abbas’ office, named Yasser Jadallah. Today, the man lives in Belgium, where he sought political asylum because he is wanted by the PA after uncovering its corruption. This is not just a localized instance of corruption, but a general money-laundering scheme, transferring money directly from every European citizen to the pocket of the PA chairman.

As mentioned, we have linked a rare video uncovering the corruption of the PA Chairman’s Office from the inside, along with the trail of concealment of what is actually done with funds donated to the PA! This video reveals shameful and corrupt behavior at the very top of the pyramid. This is an uncensored, first-hand testimony not yet publicized, about what is happening in the office of PA President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen).

The speaker in the video apparently worked in the PA intelligence apparatus and was close to Abu Mazen’s family. In the video, he tells of the route taken by money donated to the Palestinian Authority from European and Arab countries, through Abu Mazen’s confidantes, ultimately arriving in secret accounts belonging to Abu Mazen’s family members. After Jadallah accused the the Palestinian leader of corruption, he became embroiled in a dispute with his colleagues. There was an attempt on his life and he was jailed, but later escaped.

According to Jadallah, Mahmoud Abbas, despite his age (85), is not senile, as some say. Rather, Jadallah says Abbas is aware of everything done in his office, and “plays the corruption game” even “better than Abu Amar (Yasser Arafat ).” Abbas puts full confidence in his finance director, Mahmoud Salameh, and his bureau chief Antsar Abu-Amara. These two people control all budgets and people in the PA administration. Heads of organizations and senior officials of the PA and the PLO find themselves obliged to run and “kiss the hands” of Salameh and Abu-Amara so that budgets for their offices and organizations can be transferred without difficulty.

Finally, in the video, Jadallah reveals another issue called the “Six-Month Order,” which is a major factor in concealing the financial corruption in the presidency. He reports that Abu Mazen issued a presidential order permitting the finance manager of his office (Mahmoud Salameh) to destroy the bureau’s invoices every 6 months. In actuality, the invoices are destroyed every day, he says. This order helps Abbas’ office hide the corruption from criticism and the public eye.

This video is a reminder to anyone who sends even one euro to the Palestinians that the money does not reach its destination, but instead goes right into the pockets of Abu Mazen’s children and grandchildren. The first to stop aiding the Palestinians was President Trump, followed by the Arab states. Today, it is mainly naïve Europeans who still donate to the Palestinians, while the Arabs themselves have stopped giving money, fully aware of the unchecked PA corruption.


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