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MembersBibi, the Dove of Peace for the Palestinians

Who would have ever thought we’d see the Palestinian leadership endorse Netanyahu!

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The Palestinians might endorse Bibi Netanyahu. What a world!
Photo: David Cohen/Flash90

Who would have ever thought that Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would be seen as a “dove” in the eyes of the Palestinians, especially after so many years of being condemned as a hardliner.

According to Palestinian sources, Likud lawmaker and Deputy Minister Fateen Mullah negotiated with the Palestinian government in Ramallah to exercise its influence over the Arab citizens of Israel and persuade them to vote for Netanyahu in the upcoming election. The Palestinian Authority fears that if Netanyahu is voted out of office, alternatives like Naftali Bennett or Gidon Sa’ar will be even more hardline in regards to Jewish settlements and a future Palestinian state. Bibi is seen as a relative dove of peace in comparison to Bennett and Sa’ar. And for this reason they might just be ready to endorse Netanyahu in hopes that Israel’s Arabs will choose Bibi at the ballot box.

According to Gidon Sa’ar, the fact that Netanyahu is trying to get the...

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