MembersWhither the Liberal Outrage?

It remains one of the great modern political mysteries that Western liberals who so intensely champion the LGBT agenda will at the same time advocate for the influx of Middle Eastern (read: Muslim) immigrants into Western society.

By Edy Cohen |
LGBT protest
Photo: Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

At the end of January, Iran publicly executed a 31-year-old homosexual man. Ironically, the execution was all but ignored except by the media in Israel, which progressive liberals largely disdain, and the Trump Administration, which those same liberals often accuse of being anti-gay.

Nor does the situation for the LGBT communities in the Arab states seem to warrant any greater attention. LGBT rights in most Arab countries are about the same as those for women, which is to say nearly non-existent. While all three monotheistic religions–Judaism, Christianity and Islam–view homosexuality as a sin, it is today only in Muslim-dominated countries that that particular sin is still punishable under civil law.

The Arab world, without exception, is characterized by what Western liberal society would call homophobia. Across the Middle East, homosexuals are seen as deviants and threats to society. As such, many countries in our region have laws outlining firm punishments, often death, for homosexual activity. In practice, Iran is one of the only countries that is still publicly executing homosexuals. Others, like Saudi Arabia, have halted...

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