MembersWho Were Two Hebrew-Speakers Who Helped Found Science?

Each of the two had a father at the highest level of government. They both knew Hebrew, although only one of them was Jewish.

By David Shishkoff | | Topics: Tech & Tradition
Photo: Nati Shohat/Flash90

On two different continents in two different centuries, stood two rich young men, duly intrigued. Before each of them, in his own day, were set the same mysterious, odorless, white powder and a more familiar, pungent-smelling, brown fluid. Mixing the two produced a fizzing, bubbling, energetic chemical reaction.

The two young men held in common fathers at the highest level of national leadership. On the other hand they held differing views on marriage. One married several times; the other never did. They both knew Hebrew, although only one of them was Jewish.

The one who married several times became arguably history’s most famous Hebrew-speaking student of knowledge (Scientia in Latin). The celibate would become arguably the second most famous. The first excelled at all the scientific knowledge of the Near East and Egypt, and gave lectures on “the cedar tree… and even the hyssop that grows out of from between the stones of a wall” as well animals, birds, insects and fish (I Kings 4:30-33). He was also an author and penned a saying based on the intriguing...

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