Why Do Israel’s Minorities Fight for the Jewish State?

A growing number of minority communities realize that they share a blood bond with the Jewish nation

Photo: Photo Miriam Alster / Flash90

This article was originally written in November 2018 following the death of an unnamed IDF command0 in combat in the Gaza Strip. While his true identity will never be revealed, Lt.-Col. M was so well-known to Israel’s political and military leadership that the entire nation nearly came to a standstill upon hearing the news. What’s more, and the one thing we do know about him, Lt.-Col. M was not Jewish. 

See the original report on his death: All Israel Owes Unpayable Debt to Top IDF Commando Killed in Gaza

The story is once again relevant following last week’s somber Memorial Day and our other story today honoring the contributions of Bnei Menashe warriors in the IDF.

If Israel’s a racist state that exists only to the benefit of its Jewish residents, then why are so many non-Jews ready to lay down their lives for her?

And we’re not talking only about the millions of Bible-believing Christians around the world who share a deep devotion to Israel’s well-being. There are a great many non-Jews living right here in the Holy Land who put it all on the line every day to keep safe the Jewish state.

Their stories are not often told since they contradict the popular narrative that Israel is an apartheid state that oppresses its minorities. But an apartheid state doesn’t open up its top military combat units to its minorities, nor does it bitterly mourn when they fall on the field of battle.

But that’s what is happening day-in and day-out in the Holy Land. We are prevented by the IDF military censor from reporting on a recent incident related to this matter, despite the fact that every Israeli and every Palestinian knows about it, and the foreign press has itself reported on some of the details without repercussion. Suffice it to say that when minority soldiers fall defending this nation, these Christians, Druze and Muslims are mourned by every Israeli just as deeply and sincerely as any of their Jewish comrades.

So, let the mainstream media claim what it will. A growing number of minority communities realize that they share a blood bond with the Jewish nation, and are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the good of the State of Israel.

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