Exclusive summary of Israel and UAE peace visit. Matty Stern/U.S. Embassy Jerusalem
Middle East

Israel-UAE Peace: All Systems Go

Part 2 of an EXCLUSIVE eyewitness summary of last week’s historic delegation of Israeli representatives to the United Arab Emirates

by Yossi Aloni

Last week’s historic visit of the Israeli delegation to the United Arab Emirates ended in resounding success. Both countries are already in the process of hashing out the clauses of a comprehensive peace agreement. Over 170 sub-documents have already been written, and legal experts from both countries are working on formulations.

The EL AL return flight from Abu Dhabi to Tel Aviv again flew over Saudi Arabia, which had never happened before last week! Until the last minute, Israel was not sure that the Saudis would allow the plane to pass through their skies because, unlike the flight there, the American delegation led by Trump’s adviser Jared Kushner did not return on the Israeli flight. However, the Saudis did not disappoint and the Israeli flight was once again given the green light to fly over Saudi Arabia.

The UAE wants to move forward quickly and is talking about signing the peace agreement between the countries in the coming weeks. US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, who has been on…