Hate Is the Enemy of Peace, and the Palestinians Have It in Spades

Attack on German tourists highlights institutionalized Palestinian Jew-hatred that makes real peace impossible.

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Most Palestinians have come to view hatred of the Jews as a way of life.
Most Palestinians have come to view hatred of the Jews as a way of life. Photo: Atia Mohammed/Flash90

There never can be genuine and lasting peace in the Holy Land so long as one side hates the other with every fiber of their being. A signed piece of paper simply won’t change that. And the Palestinian Arabs have demonstrated time and again that their hatred of Israel and the Jews is as deep as it is intractable.

“I really felt the hate from their eyes, and from the way they were acting,” said one of two German tourists who were mercilessly attacked by a Palestinian mob after entering the town of Nablus (biblical Shechem) in Samaria on Saturday.

“I’ve never encountered a situation like this. It was a very, very dangerous situation, and we really thought they wanted to kill us,” continued Gerald Hetzel in an interview with Israel’s Channel 12 News.

Hetzel and his traveling partner were in a rental car when they entered Nablus. Local Palestinians saw the yellow Israeli license plates and light skin color and assumed they must be Jews.

It didn’t take long before just the hint of Jews present whipped bystanders into a violent frenzy.

“They were bringing stones and a traffic sign and throwing everything against the car. After one or two minutes they pulled out a knife and stabbed the wheels of the car, and also threatened my friend,” recounted Hetzel.

The tourists eventually escaped with the help of an Arab Israeli man.

Hetzel said the experience had forever altered his view of the conflict.

“It definitely changes my view on the Palestinians and the Palestinian Authority,” he explained. “They told me if they meet a Jew on the street, they want to kill him, just like this. And I think it’s a big problem they have so much hate in their education.”

What Hetzel heard from local Palestinians and experienced at their hands is nothing new. In casual conversation and Arabic-language media interviews, average Palestinians will freely and regularly acknowledge their desire to murder every Jew in accordance with what the Koran teaches, and to themselves die as martyrs in the struggle against Israel.

The trouble is that international peace brokers aren’t interested in the reality on the streets. Which means they aren’t really interested in peace. Not genuine peace.

There are plenty of Palestinians who don’t hate the Jews. We know and have interviewed them. They are sick of conflict and understand that coexistence and cooperation benefit everyone. Some have come to appreciate, even love (!) Israel and what it stands for. But for every Palestinian who thinks this way, 10 more believe it to be their undying duty to hate and harass the Jews.

This is the result of centuries of Islamic teaching, amplified in the past 25 years by venomous Palestinian Authority indoctrination that permeates local media, online forums and even elementary school classrooms.

Examples of this indoctrination and incitement are too numerous to list. For those wanting to investigate, Palestinian Media Watch is a good place to start.

The bottom line is this: When the Palestinian Authority itself has so ensured that a majority of its people will never accept any agreement it signs with Israel, how is peace possible? What is their real agenda? And what is Israel to do?

The last is not an easy question to answer from a worldly point of view. For us as believers, the answer is obvious. Trust in the Lord. But try telling that to the masses who are currently protesting because they fear the make-up and policies of the current religious-minded government led by Benjamin Netanyahu will turn Israel into a theocratic state. They don’t want God having the final say over anything, even as their own human efforts to solve this and other pressing issues come to naught.


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  1. Susan says:

    Amen! What is being feared is God Himself!

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