How Relevant is a Right-Wing Ideology Today? Marc Israel Sellem/POOL

How Relevant is a Right-Wing Ideology Today?

How relevant and realistic are Israel’s right-wing policies and biblical claims to the Land?


What happens to Israel’s rightist politicians as soon as they come to power? Will the Arab-Israeli conflict and living by the sword ever come to an end? People in Israel are wondering whether we are witnessing the development of a “self-fulfilling prophecy,” in which biblical promises are brought about by political realities.

The Western world has a problem with the concept of the biblical Land of Israel. As long as the Palestinian population is suffering as a result, Israel’s scriptural claims to the Land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea are politically incorrect. Two elements that Israel’s right-wing policies are based upon—security and biblical rights—are strongly disputed abroad. The pressure from the international community has its effects, in particular on Israeli leaders from nationalist parties.

Israel is even being criticized by its closest allies. “The German government is disappointed by Israeli policies,” Der Spiegel, a German news magazine, declared. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is said to be frustrated with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.…