Indians are ‘Red’ and Settlers are ‘Dangerous’ Baruch Ben Yosef

Indians are ‘Red’ and Settlers are ‘Dangerous’

Israeli news anchor Oshrat Kotler’s remark that there are a few “sane settlers” in the “extremist settlement of Yitzhar” sparked an unexpected scandal—but similar things are said all the time.


Those who use adjectives like “extremists” and “fascists” routinely attach them to their opponents, which is why taking such labels at face value is like accepting that Indians are “red.”

 srael Today met with one of these so-called “extremist” settlers, Baruch Ben Yosef, who for more than a decade headed the Temple Mount Revival Movement. He is one of many who insist on exercising their right to visit the Temple Mount whenever they please.

At his modest lawyer’s office in Jerusalem, Ben Yosef has the looks of a settler that one would expect: a big kippah (skull cap), a thick beard, a white shirt, tzitziot (tassels) and a pistol tucked into his belt.

 He draws my attention to the poster on the wall, a twist on the propaganda of the radical leftist organization...


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